Why Buy from OWNBOARD?

Safe Online Shopping

As a trusted wholesaler and exporter, we value your concern about safety. We will never reveal any customer information to anyone. Any information we collect is just for processing your orders and serving you better. On the other hand, our payment method includes PayPal, And our account has authenticated by PayPal.

Improving Customer Service
Professional customer service brings customer satisfaction. We value our customers and keep improving our service to serve them the best. Customers are able to contact us by phone, live chat and email. We'd love to solve your problems in a timely and great manner .

Prompt Shipping & "Ship within 24 Hours" Service
With several years experience, we have fixed shipping methods, and they work fine. Orders are always shipped in 3 days. Nowadays, we offer "Ship within 24 Hours" service for partial products. That means we can ship them in 1 day, which Bring you much convenience.

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